What is going on between the two big leaders?

Trump’s mysterious ties with Russia are causing major distress.

What’s on stake: two of America's biggest trade relationships

President Trump is playing a risky game with two of America's biggest trade relationships.

Macron wins first round, expected to be the next president of France

The euro and stock markets surged higher Monday.

Macron remains the top candidate just 19 days before the election

Centrist Macron kept his position as favorite to win France's presidential election.

Trump is set to unveil his plan for infrastructure renewal

U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said the Trump administration would unveil a $1 trillion infrastructure plan later this year.

Scotland wants another try at leaving the U.K. after the Brexit decision.

The Scottish parliament backed a second try for a new independence referendum.

Britain and the EU will go through many changes in year to come

U.K’s Leaving the European Union may transform Britain but it will also change the EU.

Buffett and Gates didn’t leave their home, but a lot of other billionaires do.

These countries make billionaires but then they leave.

The NFP report is out at 13:30 GMT

The first NFP jobs report in Trump’s economy era is here.

The index ranked 176 countries

Denmark was named the least corrupt country in the world

starting up a Cold War with China is a highly risky strategy

The new U.S. administration has been testing Beijing

“I hope we receive lower prices.”

Jordan plans to award 300 megawatts of renewable projects

The statistics office will release quarterly data on Feb. 14.

Germany’s economic expansion last quarter may have accelerated

A hard Brexit will mean a big headache for the EU

The GBP plunged after Brexit comments by May.

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